BPW has always relied on the quality of its products to operate under the harshest of conditions. It is not just important to transport cargo safely, but also economically. BPW offers you the complete trailer running gear.


Quality needs a strong partner. BPW supplies ready-to-fit system solutions, exactly matched to the body, enabling manufacturers to concentrate on their core business and the farmers to concentrate on a bumper harvest.


PE Automotive, renowned for being ‘’Best in Spare Parts’’, not only pride themselves with their quality spare parts, but are so confident with the quality that they install the PE Brake discs pads to their own race truck.

Ancillary Products

Maximum cost-e3 ectiveness and greater safety thanks to optimal tyre pressure. BPW’s AirSave allows you to continuously track and control your tyre pressure while driving. And it's better for the enviroment!

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When it comes to brake boosters it is also important, apart from removing the drain gromets, to ensure that the same type and brand of brake booster is used per Vehicle. This is due to the fact that different makes of brake boosters are designed and manufactured to different conditions. If a mixture of brake boosters is used, the vehicle will experience uneven braking. What further to look out for is that the push rod length is correct according to the axle manufacturers specification.

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