Commercial Vehicles

Every day, thousands of trucks on the world's roads travel to ensure we are supplied with what we need. However, this logistical masterpiece should not be taken for granted    as everything needs to dovetail - Read More

Agricultural Vehicles

Professional operators demand the highest performance from their machinery.  It is operated round the clock, not just during the ploughing and harvesting periods. With very high payloads and - Read More

Ancillary Products

Speedline Truck, only one of two producers of forged aluminium wheels with presence in OE equipment among the major European truck and bus OEM. Forged truck wheels are lighter and less susceptible to corrosion. - Read More

Latest News

BPW recognises that even when commercial vehicles are out of warranty, they nevertheless must have a productive ‘’second life’’. PE quality spare parts, offered in Southern Africa with a 2 years warranty for truck and a - Read More