Trailer Couplings

Manufacturing a wide range of trailer couplings and weldable and demountable towing eyes designed for heavy-duty applications, RINGFEDER and VBG’s high quality products clearly handle the challenging all round conditions of our continent. View the MECHMATIC Trailer coupling innovation.

VBG is a world leader in the development of innovative, reliable trailer coupling system. Throughout the years, strongly focusing on innovation excellence, we have built up an in depth understanding of the transport industry to provide it with the solutions for the present and future.



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MECHMATIC - Trailer coupling innovation!
This is how it works:

  > Simple Installation And Connection

MechMatic fits all VBG couplings and is easy to install. You can easily connect the electricity, supply air and put in a can of normal VBG MechOil. Then you’re ready to drive.

  > Everything Is Done Automatically 

Every 6 hours of operation, MechMatic gives a real blast of air at 8 bars that thoroughly cleans the coupling mechanism. And every 24 hours of operation, a thin mist of oil is blown into the mechanism after the air blast. This means the coupling is always clean and well lubricated.

  > Quick And Easy Change Of Oil Can

After 3000 hours of operation the red light on MechMatic signals that the oil is running out. Then you quickly and easily replace the empty can of VDG MechOil with a new one. One can is estimated to be sufficient for about 125 applications or in other words with 12 hours use of the truck one can will be sufficient for 250 days.

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