Trailer Couplings

Manufacturing a wide range of trailer couplings and assorted towing eyes designed for heavy-duty applications. RINGFEDER and VBG high quality products clearly handle the challenging conditions of our continent.

VBG – Is well-known for their high quality, high reliability, and long service life with low maintenance costs. They offer you piece of mind, year in and year out. World leader in the development, of innovative, reliable coupling systems.

Ringfeder – The name that is built on absolute Safety and Reliability since 1944. All Ringfeder products have the same high quality and reliability as you can expect. Ringfeder systems means less hassle and more business.

Together – The VBG and Ringfeder brand accounts for a 50% market share globally in there category.



 VBG Couplings




 RINGFEDER Couplings




Optional Extras

  • Keeps the coupling mechanism clean with regular air shocks and an injection of thin oil mist.
  • Suitable for all VBG yoke coupling and Ringfeder drawbar couplings.
  • Reduces servicing needs and conception of lubricant.
  • Assists with prolonging the service life of the coupling.
  • VBG MechOil last for approximately 3000 hours of operation.




Ringfeder’s new AIR Operated coupling, is all that and much more.
By using the existing air in the truck, you will open the coupling in no time,
with no more unnecessary long stops trying to position your trailer to uncouple.

  • Uncouple with ease by using the AIR from your truck.
  • No more unnecessary long stops trying to position your trailer to uncouple.
  • Retrofit easily on new or existing coupling.
  • Conversion kits available for the 4040 & 5050 A/B couplings.