For the second life of your Commercial vehicle

At BPW we recognise that even when commercial vehicles are out of warranty, they nevertheless must have a productive ‘’second life’’.

PE founded in 1947 and operated by the founding family, is one of the leading producers in the independent aftermarket. The PE brand has been registered internationally since 1979. PE Automotive has been part of the BPW Group since 2016. The international network of PE trading partners ensures the availability of PE replacement parts, both reliably and quickly, wherever they are needed.

The comprehensive and rapidly growing commercial replacement parts range is developed in the company's own facilities and is based on high safety, quality and manufacturing standards. Through its subsidiary PE Automotive GmbH & Co., BPW is now in a position to offer their customers top-quality original spare parts, as well as, high-quality PE-branded spare parts that represent a genuine alternative for operators of older vehicles.

PE product range is a collection of high quality spare parts of other axles and vehicle manufacturers, enabling dealers to procure all the alternatives they need from a single source. PE parts are offered with a 2 (truck) and 1 (trailer) year warranty are backed and supported by BPW, giving you peace of mind when making your transition from ‘’OE to PE’’.

Advantages for BPW Customers
  • full range of BPW genuine spare parts direct from the manufacturer
  • genuine spare parts from BPW or procured from approved OE suppliers
  • broad range of economical products bearing the secondary brand name PE for age-related repairs