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Always On the Move

Right From the start BPW have been a major driving force in the world of heavy commercial vehicles, with creative, innovative concepts and solutions which we implement with expertise and an outstanding price/performance ratio. Our customer-orientated approach is evident from the success of our products and services and also from the long term success of our Group, our customers and partners.

Today the company, still in the hands of the original Kotz family, is called "BPW Bergische Achsen KG". BPW has embodied progress and change in the transport industry: with pioneering new technical developments, system solutions, production methods, quality standards and services. Our motto: "we think transport"

Innovation and development for more than 120 years, BPW is one of the leading innovation drivers in goods transport and logistics. BPW is successful around the world and has been a reliable partner for its customers for generations. The company is constantly changing and developing - a dynamic company in an industry that is always on the move.

BPW Axles (Pty) Ltd, has been operating in South Africa for 78 years, initially known as ERN Quality Products (Pty) Ltd, and since 1962 in BPW hands making it the oldest daughter in the group. The company proudly assembles the latest BPW running gear range and components, selected to suit all light/heavy duty applications for Southern Africa.

Our History

BPW in South Africa originates from a company called Automobile Brake Services (Pty) Ltd which was established on 7 September 1945.

bpw-ERN-building Our CompanyThe name was changed in September 1949, to ERN Quality Products (Pty) Ltd, named after the owner, Mr. E. R. Nesbitt. Mr. Nesbitt, being of German descent, was also a member of the German Chamber of commerce in Johannesburg, where he met Dr. Haase (the President in 1955/57 and again in 1959/60. Dr Haase was also the local agent for BPW products. The friendship of Dr Haase and Mr Nesbit strengthened and prompted them to an approach BPW Bergische Achsen KG in 1962 to investigate possible technical cooperation. A delegation, led by Mr. C. P. Kotz (the son of the owner who was at the time in his twenties and is now retired after a career of 50 years at BPW) visited South Africa to investigate the proposal.

bpw-old-rim Our CompanyThe successful acquisition of 100% of ERN Quality Products in September of 1962 by BPW, made it the first daughter company of BPW outside Germany!! Today there are more than 50 “daughters and granddaughters” in over 25 countries! The name ERN Quality Products however, remained unchanged, as did the product range (mostly locally designed and manufactured solid axles and leaf spring suspension). The necessity to change the name in 1990 to BPW Axles (Pty) Ltd saw the introduction of the German designed hollow axle beams and Air suspension range. Product innovation followed at regular intervals going forward, yielding the ECO hub and Brake 95, ECO Plus axle range, Disc braked axles, and Airlight II Air suspension range.

Our Local History


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BPW has been setting inventions in motion for 125 years. 15 July 1898, Bergische Patentachsenfabrik GmbH was founded in Wiehl (BPW).

history-local-2021 Our Company

Introduce the new BPW ECO Disc TS2 – “The hard braker”.

ht-2016 Our Company

Local Disc Brake Assembly. Launch of ECO Plus 3 & BPW Landing Legs. Purchased JMR. BPW goes solar.

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Introduce 9 ton ECO Plus 2 Axle range.

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Discontinue in-house manufacture of solid axles, and start assembly of hollow beam axles.

ht-1962 Our Company

BPW Bergische Achsen KG, from Germany acquires 100% of ERN Quality Products (Pty) Ltd.

ht-1949 Our Company

The company’s name changed to ERN Quality Products (Pty) Ltd.

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60 Years as BPW (Pty) Ltd. Since 1962 in BPW hands making us the oldest daughter in the group.

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BPW’s AirSave arrives in South Africa to join our product range.

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Introduce 10 ton ECO Plus 1 Axles for all dual wheel applications.

ht-2003 Our Company

Introduce 9 ton ECO Plus 1 Axle range and Airlight II Air Suspension.

ht-1989 Our Company

Introduce BPW Air Suspension to the local market.

ht-1956 Our Company

The BPW Logo registered as Trade mark in South Africa.

ht-1945 Our Company

The company Automotive Brake Services (Pty) Ltd was founded.

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When you look at BPW, you will think everything is about axles, where in fact it is about customers! Our customers are in many instances our source of innovation! BPW focuses strongly on the transporter/fleet owner, as they buy their vehicles from the trailer builders (to which we sell the running gear) and then experience the low cost of ownership that the BPW product range offers.

Our Key Personnel

Business Development

Diederik Kruger
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Gerard van Heerden
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Christoff de Clerk
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Jacques Coetzer
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Reece Drewett
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Jaison Huntly
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Maryke Le Roux
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Johan van Rooyen
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Sales & Internal Sales

Leeanne Greeff
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Masimbonge Magida
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Belinda Britz
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Morne du Preez
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Marietta Cohen
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Ruan Renkin
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Customer Support & Logistics

Zehraan Rassool
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Marius de Jager
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Edward Isaacs
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Barbara Wallace
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Sean Annandale
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Anton Steenkamp
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