BPW have been a major driving force in the world of heavy commercial vehicles for over 115 years, with creative, innovative concepts and solutions which we implement with expertise and an outstanding price/performance ratio. Our customer-orientated approach is evident from the success of our products and services and also from the long term success of our Group, our customers and partners.

It all started with axles made from steel for coaches and wagons

The company "Bergische Patentachsenfabrik GmbH" commenced business with 12 employees on 1 October 1898, producing axles from steel for coaches and wagons. At the time, these axles needed lubrication with “Dare Fat” on a daily basis but a new generation was soon patented and produced which boasted an oil based permanent lubricating technique, reducing maintenance and downtime!

Today the company, still in the hands of the original Kotz family, is called "BPW Bergische Achsen KG", with major manufacturing sites in Germany, Hungary, China as well as assembly facilities in Australia and South Africa. The company employs more than 5 500 people worldwide, and produces over 400 000 axles annually to make it the leading European manufacturer of running gear systems for trailers and semi-trailers.

Like more than 100 years ago, innovation and development is still aimed at only one, the customer. Every new idea implemented will save weight, running cost or downtime. Modern BPW trailer running gear is therefore known to offer reliable, efficient solutions aimed at low cost of ownership to transporters.

Although the heart of BPW's operation is in Wiehl/Germany, the company has become a global player with more than 60% of all production being sold in markets outside Germany. Today there are more than 50 "daughter" companies in many countries worldwide. This include Axle and suspension production facilities, Foundries, Trading companies and companies with their own products and brands, such as HESTAL, idem, Ermax, Greenflex, etc. 

The South African subsidiary, BPW Axles (Pty) Ltd, has been operating in South Africa for over 60 years, initially known as ERN Quality Products (Pty) Ltd, and since 1962 in BPW hands making it the oldest daughter in the group. The company proudly manufactures the latest BPW running gear range and components, selected to suit all light/heavy duty applications for Southern Africa.

BPW Axles (Pty) Ltd. has its production facility and offices at:

Cnr. Kitty & Donald Streets
Chrisville 2091
South Africa

Telephone: +27 11 681 3300