Aluminium Wheels

SPEEDLINE Truck, only one of two producers of forged aluminium wheels with presence in OE equipment among the major European truck and bus OEM. Forged truck wheels are lighter and less susceptible to corrosion.

Speedline Truck forms part of the Ronal Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of light alloy wheels for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. BPW, firmly believes in long-term supplier relationships and developmental partnerships, and in 2013 together with Speedline Truck, developed a true reversible ‘’super-single’’ (11.75 x 22.5) suited for the tough and arduous (South) African conditions: the SLT3184AM.

Sold with a class-leading warranty of 5 years from date of manufacture, the wheel has an offset (ET) of -12mm. Fitted with a Speedline designed ‘’Y-valve’’, only a position change is thus required for even tyre wear, as the offset remains constant at -12mm when reversed.

Speedline Truck aluminium wheels, supplied in a highly brilliant ‘’Diamond’’ surface, can save you approximately between 140+ kg (tridem) to 340+ kg (tandem-tandem) in weight translating to increased pay-load or fuel savings pay-load or fuel savings (tandem-tandem) in weight translating to increased pay-load or fuel savings.

Other reasons to change to Speedline Truck aluminium wheels include:
  • They can be provided with their respective TÜV and ABE reports
  • Better heat dissipation when compared with steel wheels thus increasing the life of all associated    brake componentry, bearings and tyres = reduced costs
  • Perfect roundness reduces vibrations increasing the life of suspension components = reduced costs
  • Environmental friendliness as aluminium is 100% recyclable and
  • Higher residual value when selling your used vehicle