BPW has always relied on the quality of its products to operate under the harshest of conditions. It is not just important to transport cargo safely, but also economically. BPW offers you the complete trailer running gear.


Quality needs a strong partner. BPW supplies ready-to-fit system solutions, exactly matched to the body, enabling manufacturers to concentrate on their core business and the farmers to concentrate on a bumper harvest.


PE Automotive, renowned for being ‘’Best in Spare Parts’’ are offered in Southern Africa with a 2 years warranty for truck and a 1 year warranty for trailer, making the transporters transition from OE to PE, a trusted one.

Ancillary Products

Maximum cost-e3 ectiveness and greater safety thanks to optimal tyre pressure. BPW’s AirSave allows you to continuously track and control your tyre pressure while driving. And it's better for the enviroment!

Latest News

Reduce Weight and Cut Costs Today
Every kilogram of usable load counts, especially when transporting liquid and bulk goods. This is why BPW has developed two innovative lightweight components on the basis of the modular BPW Airlight II system that help reduce the weight of the already light BPW Airlight II running gear even further - without compromising stability or durability.

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